Installed Fedora scientific 39 but after restart it i does not load

Hello everyone. I am new on this forum and I thank you all beforehand. I please ask you to help n the following issue: I installed fedora scientific 39 from a live image usb. before starting using it I " dnf update" but I have been unable to work on it because when I re-boot and enter my password, the system hangs on a screen with fedora´s logo. What could be happening?

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Hi @tavogus , welcome to the forum.

Could you hit escape during the boot process please? That should show you all the boot messages and will tell you exactly where the boot is hanging.

Do note that if you ran your dnf update command while running the live-usb, these updates were only made to the live-usb image and not the installed system. Since the live-usb is not persistent, though, any updates made to it are lost when you end your session.

Hi Ankur. Thank you. Hitting the esc during booting only swhows the booting alternatives, but no messages. I certainly can do the booting and introduce my password to initiate it, but that´s it: it hangs.
I think i didn´t make myself clear: I ran dnf update after installing fedora on my hard disk to make sue every thing was updated before starting using the installed distro

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Hi Gustavo, cool, so the system should be up to date.

I meant hitting Esc after it had begun booting, i.e., after you’ve picked one of the options in the grub bootloader. It should show system boot messages like this:

This could tell us what process/daemon is hanging at startup.

It’s also possible that it doesn’t get to this stage at all, in which case, the issue would be with the grub boot entry.

Hi Ankur. Thank you. I understand you now. ok but then Ihave to be able to see these messages stoping the screen or something (which I dont know how to do). I will search how to do this and try to find the process/daemon that is hanging at startup and comunnicated on this post again. Thank you very much once more. Will be in touch

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These are systemd messages, so it’ll tell you what daemon is hanging, should mark it in red too.