Booting Live USB Fedora 39 Stuck

Hi I need help of this booting stuck from live usb.
What should I do? Thank you

Based on the few amount of data we have here, I say you probably created a boot usb stick with a MBR partition on a system that only boots UEFI, which only accepts GPT. I can only assume that you had BIOS compatibility mode disabled on your system.

If I’m right, I would suggest to write your Fedora USB image on an USB stick with a GPT partition table

I would have guessed that those errors were saying the image was incomplete because it looks like one of the errors says something about the secondary GPT header at the end of the disk is missing and a couple others appear to be saying something about only 2/3 of the data being found. I wonder if dd (or something similar) was used to copy the image to the USB drive but it didn’t fit? I don’t know. I haven’t seen that error before.

As stated above, if the usb device is not large enough to write the entire image then this type error may appear. The beginning of the image appears correct, but it complains about the end of the file system.