Fedora 36 have an error when booting

Did anyone had such problem before

Hi - is this a new installation? If not, anything recently change, like installing or uninstalling any packages or adjusting any config files? And is the boot process freezing at the point you took that picture, or does it continue on from there?

It was working for a long time with no changes.

The boot process just gets stuck at this screen with no options to do.

Reboot, rescue mode brings me tot the same screen.

I wonder maybe a live cd would be able to bring that service up and than reboot again??

Open to any suggestions:)

It’s probably worth making sure that the system still boots from a Live USB, yup…if you can boot from the Live USB, can you see if you can view the /var/log directory? There should conceptually be a log in there from each boot attempt that might show if there is something else going wrong before those messages you’re seeing.