After update I get this grub screen

After I updated my laptop I get this screen

I have no idea where to start to troubleshoot.
Any recommendations?
Thanks in advance.

There is only Fedora in my laptop. No Windows or other OS.

If I try to do “ls” in to any partition it gives me this errors:

Any ideas?

This article may help.

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Thank you very much for your answer.
I will check the article you send.

The article you send describes the procedure I was trying. But always returns the same error or something similar.
The only choice I think I have is to try to fix GRUB from a live USB.
I’ll try this option tomorrow.
Thanks again.


For sure a grub fix from a live rescue will be your best bet. Let us know what happens!

I try fix grub from fedora running from a live USB, but I can’t. I don’t know enough about all this.
Couldn’t restore my timeshift backup images. An other error pupup. “Failed to mount devices”
I give up and I’m reinstalling fedora right now.
I manually backup my home directory to an external drive.
It’s a shame, though Fedora was more stable, this was only and update and everything went down.
I’m thinking about REHL I’m doing video and motion graphics and I need a stable and reliable OS. And I refuse to go back to windows.

Maybe there is a way to stop all updates. I just meet a set of software to work every time, not interested in new features and apps.

Seems like everything is in it’s place again. :smile: