Fedora 36 unbootable problem after install with liveCD

I set BIOS boot order to primary drive that is installed Fedora36, and boot begins.
But, it cannot start Fedora as well as reboot endlessly (flashing OEM logo) although Windows is able to start.
The drive is 1TB HDD, I partitioned about 250GB with Windows(no volume).
How can I do this being right?

default OS : Windows 11
Manufacturer : LG
BIOS : InsydeH2O (SecureBoot disabled)

I assume you are saying it has never booted into fedora.

Did you install it the same as windows?
If windows is uefi, did you install fedora uefi or did you by chance install it in legacy (MBR) mode? Both OSes need to be installed in the same mode to work properly.

If you are certain that it is installed properly then you would need to boot to the live media again so we can find out what has happened.

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I forgot to respond it…

Anyway, the disk what is installed Fedora had already another EFI partition. This EFI partition’s subject OS had been deleted and my computer tried to boot it :sweat:.

Windows partition manager didn’t show it, so I formatted it with LiveCD.
Finally, Fedora works!

Thanks to Jeff.