Can't get Fedora 36/ GRUB loader(dual boot) to work at all

Hi Everyone,

I can’t seem to get Fedora 36 Workstation to work in dual boot no matter what. I created an usb with official image from the site and the respective burning tool. I’ve installed it 3 times to an unallocated space partition on a HDD (Win 10 is on a SSD). Every time the installation finished successfully but after the restart it would boot into Windows. No grub loader, no dual boot option not even in BIOS.

In my last moments of desperation I tried to install a Manjaro distro on the same SSD where I have Windows. Same results. No dual boot, it just boots into Windows.

Does anyone know what the issue might be ? I’m at the end of my wits here. For some reason I can install Linux but there’s no option for me to run it.

Fast boot and secure boot are turned off.

PC: I9 9900kf, MSI Z390, 6700XT, 16GB RAM

Please let me know should you require additional details.

Thank you!

Do you happen to have multiple hard drives? If so, it’s possible that your system might be defaulting to the drive Windows is on instead of the bootloader for the drive that Linux is on. When you first start it up, you should have an option for a boot menu and this should show you all the UEFI instances detected on your storage and you should see “Fedora 36” on that list.

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Yes, you are amazing, Scott. My PC is so advanced that it will outright refuse any grub loaders that I was expecting to get in a dual-boot mode as a newbie Linux user. The solution was in hindsight. I just needed to press F11 to end my suffering (feelslameman).

Thank you so much. Now I can start the real suffering of installing apps and learning Linux commands :slight_smile:

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