Black screen aft turn on the pc

I tried to fix repair the grub on Fedora 36, but, after initializate, I can’t see anything on my screen. Only displayed a Black screen.

I will be greateful if someone could help me, cause all of my university works and documents are saved on Fedora and Windows.

Thank you

Welcome to ask :fedora:

Have you rebooted since the black screen?

What did you do between the time it last booted and the black screen?

Do you have a fedora live usb image that can be used for booting?

Thank you for your reply.

I tried to repair the grub2 for have acces my Windows boot. After that, I only can see the screen of my laptop using HDMI input on my TV. I see when I try to boot using Fedora, shows the Grub Shell, but I can boot using Windows.

Thank you.

Is secure boot enabled in bios?

If it is the nvidia driver will not load so that may be the issue with the black screen.

Also, if fast boot is enabled in windows you may not be able to get into bios during the boot up but only thru windows.

try going into the bios on your next boot and disable fast boot (if enabled) and disable secure boot (if enabled) then reboot and see if fedora will complete the boot.