Can't boot to Fedora 36

Hi, suddenly I can’t boot to my Fedora 36 system anymore. The logo is there and the animated circle is in a loop for hours.

This is where my system is hanging:

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

Here is my fstab:

What is that device it is failing to start? That device isn’t in your /etc/fstab.

I know it’s not in fstab. I have no idea what it is.

Do you have anything else connected? USB, sd-card, external drive?

Try booting to a live USB then run ls -l /dev/disks/by-uuid to see if the device is shown. I wonder if that is the btrfs volume that contains the subvolumes. The live image will see and configure any functional drive as it is booting, so if there is one failing it should also show that in the output of journalctl -b (assuming the usb runs journald) or in dmesg

How many drives do you have attached? Are all of them getting recognized? I see both sdf and sdh in that image and wonder if it may be sdg that is failing.

Things like this don’t Just Happen. Something has happened to cause this, and we may be able to work out what it was. Was there a major software update or a system crash? Was there a power failure, spike, or nearby lightning strike? In short, can you think of anything that might have happened to cause this?

Hello @crojack ,
Welcome to :fedora:, did you try to get the grub menu up by holding shift at boot and then select the previous kernel or rescue image?