New Fedora Magazine Logo Proposal

Hi Fedora Magazine friends!

We have a new Fedora logo and we’ve got the OK to start rolling it out slowly, with its first appearance in Fedora Linux starting with F34 next month. (You can see my presentation to the Fedora Council on the new logo from last week here: Fedora Council Update: The New Logo is Here! - YouTube )

The Fedora logomark features prominently in the Fedora Magazine logo, so the new logo necessarily will change the Fedora Magazine logo. Fedora Magazine’s brand has always been a step or two distanced from the core Fedora logo, so I’m looking to maintain that distance (you know, like second counsins instead of siblings or first cousins or something like that, lol.) This is my proposal to that end.

Just some notes on the design:

  • I’ve reversed the dark and light blue colors in the bookmark mark. The bookmark mark has a gradient with the new Fedora light blue color, with the Fedora mark using the (same old) dark Fedora blue color. Usually we’ll be using the new Fedora light blue color for the Fedora mark, so using the dark blue here gives a bit of distance / differentiation.

  • A small gradient has been added to the infinity loop in the f in the mark to give a little bit of dimension to the mark for Fedora magazine.

  • The logotype for “Magazine” is Montserrat, which is the official Fedora font for titling / etc bringing it a little closer to the Fedora core branding, but, it’s at the Heavy weight which we never use in Fedora core branding (and I believe is used in some Fedora Magazine headline graphics.)

Anyway I wanted to float this by you and see how you felt about it, and if you had any feedback / tweaks / etc. you’d like made let’s talk about them.



I wonder if the letter spacing should be increased very slightly to keep the A from smashing into the Z? Other than that, it looks great to me. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, good catch :slight_smile:

Yes, I agree the logo looks great. Thank you very much for doing this @duffy.


I love it (and agree with glb’s comment). Will the favicon stay the same? I don’t see a compelling reason to update it, just wanted to check.

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I found it a nice, strong logo. It says “we know what we’re talking about”. Congrats :slight_smile:

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Nah I think the favicon is fine as-is. Ill fix the kerning and get a finalized version ready, thanks :heart:

Just to follow up on this - I fixed the new logo and have it formatted, and uploaded to the media wiki:

I think to activate it basically you select that file in the theme under appearance > customize > logo. We can do this right now or wait until release day, how would you like to go?


I’m fine with making the change now unless you or @mattdm would prefer to wait until release day.

:slight_smile: I see no reason to wait. Why not be the first, right?

Let’s go ahead. It’s mostly a soft-launch anyway.


I see someone updated it in the WordPress appearance settings, but it appears that it’s actually hardcoded in the theme. :frowning:

I’ll try to find some time to fix that later this week if no one beats me to it.

OH! Adam already opened a pull request to update the logo file. @duffy, can you verify that the image in his pull request is the final version? If not, I’ll reject his pull request and do a new one with the one you upload into WordPress.


Yep I updated it this morning… I had uploaded into wordpress under customize logo but the theme ignores it so I hardcoded it. I didn’t realize Adam had made the PR that is great, I couldn’t figure out where the PR would be. Adam has the exact correct file so I’d go with his PR.


@duffy I don’t have permissions on the repo. As a member of the Design group, it looks like you have admin on the repo. Are you able to merge the PR and bump the release number? Or else add me as a committer and I’ll do it.

It looks like @pfrields merged it, I’ll add you to the repo though since you should have perms IMHO

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Thanks! I’ve cut release 1.04 and updated the site.

Cool, hope I didn’t bungle anything there. I let Mo know I had merged but I didn’t see this thread until now.

Looks great!