Missing software from applications menu

I have installed R and R studio already in my F32. But suddenly both the applications are missing from start menu. Kindly help me fix this issue.
Thanks in advance.

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I’d check on another user with default profile.
If it’s not there, then you probably should verify status and integrity of the RPM packages.
Otherwise, it is a problem with the current user configuration.

I am the only use of my system. I actually installed both these packages before 4 days at that point of time it was available. Day before I received an update. Since then the apps are not showing up. but when I try dnf command I get a response as the package is already installed.

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You can verify RPM package integrity like this:

sudo rpm -V -a rstudio R-\*

You can also temporarily create a new test user.

try to remove the package and install again.
or remove package and install older version of package.

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try .

sudo dnf install rstudio-desktop

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Yep, rstudio doesn’t include the desktop version:

$ dnf info rstudio
Name         : rstudio
             : This package provides common files for rstudio-desktop and rstudio-server.

You can also list the files of an installed package using e.g. rpm -ql rstudio, and find binary programs with rpm -ql rstudio | grep bin.

sudo dnf install rstudio-desktop