Missing software from applications menu

I have installed R and R studio already in my F32. But suddenly both the applications are missing from start menu. Kindly help me fix this issue.
Thanks in advance.

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I am the only use of my system. I actually installed both these packages before 4 days at that point of time it was available. Day before I received an update. Since then the apps are not showing up. but when I try dnf command I get a response as the package is already installed.

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try to remove the package and install again.
or remove package and install older version of package.

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try .

sudo dnf install rstudio-desktop

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Yep, rstudio doesn’t include the desktop version:

$ dnf info rstudio
Name         : rstudio
             : This package provides common files for rstudio-desktop and rstudio-server.

You can also list the files of an installed package using e.g. rpm -ql rstudio, and find binary programs with rpm -ql rstudio | grep bin.


This is an old thread, but the problem persists on Fedora 39.

Firstly: Installing RStudio from the software repo is no good (for me, at least) as it does not include quarto support. Downloading the app directly from the posit website solves that issue.

Secondly: After installation of the dowloaded .rpm, all is well … until a new system update from Fedora. As the OP experienced, the app is actually still installed, but it is no longer listed in ‘Show apps’ or through Meta-key/type to search.

Yes, uninstall and re-install will fix it, but that’s hardly a very elegant solution.

Instead, recreate the rstudio.desktop file in /usr/share/applications with the following content

[Desktop Entry]
Exec=/usr/lib/rstudio/rstudio %F

There’s a couple of caveats:

  • The RPM package from the site is older than the one from the repos and will be replaced on the first upgrade, so if you actually need that specific version, lock it with DNF and never use GNOME PackageKit for upgrading.

  • The desktop launcher is owned by the RPM package, so it is not supposed to be modified by the user, instead you should use ~/.local/share/applications to provide customization.

Thanks for your suggestion, Soren! I was not aware of this thread so far although I encountered (and still do) the same problem and described it a year ago in this thread:

Unfortunately, your workaround does not work for me (no matter if I place the rstudio.desktop file in /usr/share/applications or ~/.local/share/applications. I’m not sure whether I need to adapt the path following “Exec” as on my installation of Fedora 39 (and the RStudio rpm from the posit webpage) /usr/lib/rstudio/ does only contain another directory named /bin which contains two files that seem to be related to encryption libraries (libcrypto/libssl). Another subfolder rstudio does not exist.
I used rpm -ql rstudio to see where RStudio had been installed to but I was unsure which of the many mentioned folders to refer to in the rstudio.desktop file.

Any advice?

Thank you and best regards

Just wanted to share my solution for everyone having the same problem. Seems like my RStudio installation was incomplete after the icons disappeared (as it happened to sulthan90) although dnf still showed it as being installed. This explains the missing folder content in my previous post.

My steps were (in detail, for beginners like me :wink::slight_smile:

  1. sudo dnf remove rstudio
  2. download RStudio for Fedora directly from the Posit website
  3. open download folder in terminal and sudo dnf install [filename]
  4. lock version to avoid unwanted changes from automatic updates as suggested by vgaetera: sudo dnf versionlock add rstudio (for more information see: Using the DNF software package manager :: Fedora Docs)
  5. if you don’t have a desktop icon, put the content suggested by sorendk in a file called rstudio.desktop into ~/.local/share/applications

Most of the steps have been described before in this thread, just wanted to give a concise summary of what worked for me.

So far I have a working install of RStudio, it includes Quarto, has an icon in the launcher and has not ominously been removed without my consent. Let’s see if it stays like this!

I need to correct my previous post: It only lasted until the next Fedora system update (updating regular software doesn’t remove RStudio), as mentioned by Soren. After that, RStudio had been removed again. I filed a bug: 2270191 – Updating system with Gnome Software removes independently installed Version of RStudio