Dnf missing in workstation 39.1.5

I have just installed pure fedora workstation 39.1.5 Silverblue and found out some essentials are missing. Maybe I am missing something but I haven’t yet read in docs about this change, if there is such.

[chata@fedora ~]$ sudo dnf
sudo: dnf: command not found
[chata@fedora ~]$ sudo rpm -qa | grep dnf
[chata@fedora ~]$

What shall I do? Is this normal behavior and shall I move to fedora server or what?


Probably you need to use dnf5. If this works you can make an alias to it.

Just saw there is another thread open for similiar issue:

No dnf5 present. No yum present.

I think I don’t understand Silverblue / immutable / whatever thing here… That another thread says Solverblue workstation works different. What different? Where is some useful info about that?


You just can use it in toolbox! The os is immutable, you will not be able to install software the old way.

For the rest you have to use ostree & rpm-ostree


Wou, what is this immutability for? Is that better for let’s say if I want to have a desktop and some docker/podman services running in the background?

Maybe have a look at What is Silverblue? - Fedora Magazine and The pieces of Fedora Silverblue - Fedora Magazine


While updating you get allays a complete new installatin. If you have troubles with, just go a version back and your system is running again.
I think it is just in the beginning strange, till you understood it. Afterwards if you can adapt it to your workflow you probably not want something else.