Why fedora workstation and silverblue does not have f2fs installed by default

in fedora kde f2fs-tools is installed by default but why f2fs in not installed in fedora workstation we have f2fs written but does not work strange
i think it should present in workstation by default
Screenshot from 2022-12-16 00-01-13

Is this an anaconda option that is “greyed out” and not select-able? Or is this after installation and you’re using a GUI interface to format a disk?

i think f2fs tools should be present in workstation iso

That is a screenshot from Gnome disks.

@dalto Got it, thanks!
@frankjunior IMO this is the correct behavior. It’s not really feasible to install every single possible option. I wouldn’t get hung up on whether things are installed by default. In this case, F2FS is available in the Fedora repository and is only a quick "DNF install F2FS away. :slight_smile:

On Workstation I think that makes sense. On Silverblue, it seems like being more inclusive on filesystem tools might make sense. It doesn’t seem like something you should have to layer in.

I’m not a user of Silverblue, but if you believe this is a defect due to the nature of Silverblue, you should open up a bug report so it can be considered and resolved.

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having that OPtion visible in gnome disks and not having that package seems unpolished and undone

according to you than xfs ntfs can also be installed with dnf so why we have that if we have option in gui and including that without having that certain package seems broken it need serious attention either remove the option or include the package.

and it should be in all desktop isos. nothing should be grey out

It all has to do with popularity. I don’t see NTFS listed at all, so not sure what you’re referencing. As far as being unpolished, I disagree. It is available as an option, and is “greyed out”. That means if you want to use it, you need to install it.

The vast majority of people IMO don’t want to have things that they are never going to use installed on their systems. I would consider F2FS in that category. It’s just not that popular. For those that want it, it is easy enough to install. If you disagree and believe it is a defect, create a bug report.


This philosophy will be problematic for many people. If Fedora installs the optional components of everything many people will start complaining that it is “bloated”.

At the end of the day, there is no perfect set of default software for everyone. Each individual needs to add the software they need and remove the software they don’t.


yes but f2fs makes sense for usb and sd cards

It may make sense to you, but I have never needed f2fs for anything I am doing or have done. I use both usb flash drives and sd cards at times and it is not mandatory for that purpose.

Thus, as stated above, adding in things that are not needed by most users leads to ‘bloat’ while making it easy to install allows those who wish to use the app access with minimal effort.

This seems a good policy to me.

I also don’t use F2FS at all, but to play devil’s advocate for the original poster it is fully open source whereas exFAT and NTFS at least didn’t start that way. There are also a bunch of people with Samsung devices out there.

Last point… the RPM is 243 KB. UDF is 154 KB. That’s really not bloat at all if you consider they could be very useful packages in a pinch – maybe you have a friend with an F2FS device who needs help down the line.

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right just having 300kb of packages makes that gnome disk app full and no options will be greyed out
and the only 300kb it can be a bloat. it is necessary for fullfill gnome disk functionality.
it is like having packages for figure print reader packages makes system out of the box support.
it is convenience as most laptops have it and some laptops does not so.
simply if someone dont want bloat install fedora server and install packages they really want or install arch.
it is all about convenience some gui function is grey means it is unfinished.

Please report issues with Silverblue in the tracker: GitHub - fedora-silverblue/issue-tracker: Fedora Silverblue issue tracker

its not an issue but like others it is like why not have that package that can fulfill the options which are grayed out in gnome disk

OK, it’s not an issue but an enhancement / request for package addition. If you think this should be added then we need to discuss it and the place to do it is in the issue tracker.