Minimalistic desktop on ZFS root

Regardless of the work on Silverblue I have my own little project to create Fedora spin (?) with ZFS as a storage solution with full support for snapshotting, rolling back and stuff. :wink:
What frustrates me the most right now is not a complete lack of support for ZFS everywhere (which is obvious looking at SFC licenses compatibility analyses) but how tightly coupled are things in Fedora packages.
Just installing GNOME Desktop drags enormous amount of dependencies without any sense, not to mention whole Fedora Workstation group.
So is there any effort to break down those dependencies, make the desktop more modular in regards to Silverblue effort? I would love to follow that work and help if I can because that would also greatly benefit my own personal project.

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There’s a little effort to use weak deps (“recommends” instead of “requires”), which should help. But in general, the size of the OS is not significant compared to the size of desktop/laptop drives, so it’s hard to prioritize without specific goals.