Systems apps are not present

Hello great minds…

Something strange is happening to my machine and i dont know what could be the problem.

System apps are not available like the terminal, files and the ones tht are there, they are not opening.

Am using fedora 35…anyone with an idea on how to solve it…or what might be happening.

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I suspect that you’ll need to provide a bit more information in order to get some assistance. Did this happen after you did something in particular, or is this after a new install, or what? Is this for the Gnome spin, or KDE, or ?? Is this Fedora 35?

Welcome to :fedora:
1 sudo dnf update --refresh
2 sudo dnf distro-sync

Welcome to :fedora:

If you are new to fedora (and the gnome desktop) you might not be aware that most apps are in the activities menu accessible from the activities icon in the upper left corner of the screen then the 9x9 dot icon in the lower right of the screen. These are also accessible from the keyboard using the ‘super’ or ‘super + A’ keyboard combinations.

Hello, i actually found the solution to the problem, the issue was that i had messed up with the bashrc and the bash_profile file, and so that was why it was behaving like that. I had partially or entirely deleted my distros binary files, since even the simple ls command was not working, but i resolved it and now am good. Thank you guys for the help and support.