App Icons missing in "Show Applications" in Fedora 35 aarch64 installation

I recently installed Fedora 35 on my Raspberry Pi 4B. It works very well, but I’ve found that some application icons are missing when I go to “Show Applications” from the dock at the bottom of the Gnome 41 desktop. Most notably, all the LibreOffice app icons are missing. They are installed and all work correctly when run from as shell. There are .desktop files for all the LibreOffice applications in /usr/share/applications, but, as noted, the icons are missing. Any suggestions for how to fix this will be greatly appreciated!

Never mind - discovered the solution. Although the Fedora 35 image I installed on the Raspberry Pi had the LibreOffice applications (Writer, Calc, etc.) RPMs installed, it didn’t have the LibreOffice “wrapper” RPM installed. Installing that package made the icons show up.