Gnome Software "No Application Data Found"

Hello, I’m using Fedora 36 beta on a Laptop and after configuring it Gnome Software isn’t able to find Application Data and therefore install anything; The Cli tools Gnome Software uses (Dnf and Flatpak) still work properly from CLI.

(I use Fedora 36 on my desktop and never had this problem, the only thing which makes the two configurations different is the fact that the laptop has two separated users)


Usually when I’ve seen this, it’s because PackageKit hasn’t had a chance to update the repo data yet. I suggest trying again a bit later and restarting Software and hopefully it will have finished by then (it can take some time depending on your connection, mirrors, speed of your machine, etc).

Time didn’t seem to affect anything but one strange thing I’ve noticed is that when trying to “sudo dnf group upgrade core” it always lets me upgrade it even tho I already did that.

Did you install any flatpak packages if yes run ‘flatpak list --app’ to list installed flatpak applications .After you list it you need individually to remove app and check ‘software’ to find package that stack it

Have you tried pkcon refresh force to force gnome software to reload the updates and software.

Hello, the problem seems to have fixed itself. The last thing I did what to enable the experimental scaling features and subsequentely logging out and in again. It’s probably unrelated and just the fact that the other user spent quite some time in the system so @vwbusguy’s solution is probably the right one in my case.

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