Gnome Software vs DNF issues


i have a few questions concerning dnf and gnome-software:
Whenever my Fedora 38 installation gets an update, which i do via dnfdragora or via command-line and refresh the cache afterwards, dnf says there aren´t any packages left to update. However, as soon as i start up Gnome Software afterwards, it still says there are some packages left to upgrade.
This time it´s yuzu (installed via flatpak), KDE Application Platform, and some freedesktop.something - nvidia packages. Why is that? why doesn´t dnf upgrade all packages?

If i do the update via Gnome Software in the first place, it updates the system and when i reboot, there are updates available again. I don´t get that either.
Also Gnome Software is extremely slow. Sometimes taking an hour to upgrade like 10 packages of about 100 Mb or something like that. DNF on the other Hand is super fast, taking a few seconds for that.

thanks in advance!

dnf is responsible for managing software from Fedora RPM repos. Flatpak on the other hand is distribution agnostic and managed separately using the flatpak command or a GUI “store” like Gnome software.

This is probably due to packagekit, which also manages rpms but does not cooperate with dnf or share cache with it. This is bound to improve when dnf5 is out.

Gnome software basically runs flatpak and packagekit in the same place.


Ohhh, now i think i got it.

I just did flatpak update and it updates all the packages that gnome software was still showing as upgradable.
I didn´t know that dnf doesn´t update flatpak packages, as well as the “org.freedesktop.” packages is flatpak stuff as well.

Thank you, that helps a lot!