How DNF-5 is going to integrate with GNOME Software?

DNF-5 is going to be default in Fedora 39 but I’m yet to see branches or WIPs in GNOME Software or PackageKit that integrates it with the desktop. How this integration work? Is the PackageKit backend for DNF totally compatible for DNF-5 or they have to create something new? Maybe Fedora stops using PackageKit all together in favor of a dnf5daemon plugin for GNOME Software?

I hope this help to fix the constant hangs of GNOME Software somehow (it’s way better than years ago, but I still experience it, today for example I just noted GNOME Software consuming 8GB of RAM, my computer was on fire). I remember using Endless OS which is an immutable distro that only uses GNOME Software for Flatpaks, it was the day and the night, everything was so smooth, way less waiting times, so it’s for sure not GNOME Software fault (only). Maybe dnf5daemon can help with this?


Hi @eagleoneraptor , welcome to the forums.

I’m not sure. I think the idea is that packagekit etc. will all use dnf5. There’s more information here, but please feel free to reach out to the change owners or dnf5 community for more clarifications:

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