Local meetup London on 26 February 2024: please reply to topic to confirm attendance

I’d like to start planning on a local meetup, teamed up with Fedora Join SIG.

Proposal: find Mindshare ticket
Location: London, United Kingdom
First meetup schedule: Feb 2024 (subject to change)

Please let us know your interest by 2023-12-02T00:00:00Z2024-01-14T00:00:00Z


I’m in, can usually do most evenings unless I’ve already got something booked.


Great to have you!

That’ll do. Will plan the day in advance by mid January. Evenings mean cheap travel by super off-peak train ticket for people to travel to London.

Which area of central London do you suggest to meet up? I can reach most of London terminals in 45 to 1 hour. Victoria or Waterloo are easiest for me to get to.

I’m in, too. I cannot predict my schedule for February yet, but I’m quite sure I can before 14th January.

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Awesome news, indeed. Will share ideas about meetup by mid Jan.

Where in London?

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Hi Barry, we need to pick one location close to London terminals (Victoria, Waterloo, Euston, King’s Cross, or Liverpool Street) considering travel requirements of attendees. Once that is fixed, I will get recommendations for venues.

Do you have any preferred part of central London?

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Sadly I’m in Reading which is a bit far (and expensive) to travel to London for the meeting.

I was mostly noticing that London is huge and you had not told anyone where you hoped to meet.

I think the idea is we’ll decide that once we know who is around and available to/wants to meet. If you’re coming in for a work thing or something to London, for example, we can try to schedule it on that date.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind.

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Hi All,

Happy to meet in London. It will take me approx 1 hour to travel in from the South East so any of the London terminals would be ideal.

My preferred stations include:

  • Stratford
  • Victoria
  • London Bridge
  • Cannon Street
  • King’s Cross

and, to a lesser extent, Waterloo.

An evening or weekend would be the most suitable timing for me.


Venue requires more research and recommendations.


I’ve emailed them for enquiries. I did it previously, but no answer. Could Red Hatters assist with this - if the venue is open to the Fedora contributors?

I emailed admin@openuk.uk for free tickets and got a confirmation that they will give me one.
Only 100 free tickets are available. Hurry up. Thanks to @jflory7 giving such valuable information.


Please let me know if you have more options we can explore.

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@jbley Do you maybe know who has information about this or whom to ask? It would be indeed interesting to know if this is intended for such events.

I have linked this discussion in the devel mailing list (not everyone is on discourse)

I’d be up for this, as I’m in London most days for work anyway. West London (Paddington) is easier for me, but I’m happy to travel.

For during the day, I think a conference is a good idea. It’s easier to justify taking time off work for. In my experience though, an evening slot would likely lead to better attendance.

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as far as I know the Red Hat Innovation Lab in London is no longer available :frowning:

Also the Red Hat office itself has only limited space hence not an option either.


Sad to hear, thanks for the information. But we will certainly find an alternative! :wink:


Hi folks! Thanks @hankuoffroad for helping to wrangle this meetup.

Let me see if I can help with this. I am not sure about the Open Innovation Lab, but Red Hat does have an office there. I am reaching out to the office manager directly for her advice. We may need a local Red Hatter to act as contact point, but if we do not have one yet, I think I can find one.

This may help give an idea of where the Red Hat London office is:

Woohoo, happy this was useful. It might still be a great idea to plan an informal meetup on the sidelines here anyways, if folks are planning to go.

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I got an answer back. No problem to reserve space in the Red Hat London office. It seems like the Open Innovation Labs space is also available to book. Space is limited to 28-30 people.

I would need to know a day/time for the meetup at least a few weeks in advance so I can reserve the space and work with a local contact to meet folks to let into the London office.


Great news we have both available. Kick off in the Red Hat London office will work. I guess the Open Innovation Labs is a venue that sparks ideas.

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