Loaded program by shell not in the Menu

Loaded program by shell not in the Menu. It was on the screen now disappeared.
It takes a long time to run from the shell. It is android-studio.

How can I put it in the menu when I get it back on the screen or should I start it from the bin and how do I do that?

I have just found the shell studio.sh has disappeared so I cannot run it again.

Where can I start it from now?

I believe you want to add a new menu item. Take a look at this:


Not sure what you mean by “studio.sh has disappeared”. Can you please let us know how you’ve obtained and run android-studio?

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Studio.sh was in the bin directory of the unpacked zip. It is no longer there.

I downloaded it from Download Android Studio & App Tools - Android Developers

Still cannot find the program

Annoying as I easily saved as an icon it on the desktop with Windows 10

I can run it from the terminal with this after going to the androidstudio folder cd to bin then
[keith@fedora bin]$ ./studio.sh

So, studio.sh script is there then?

Well, you can create a sym link to the script to wherever you want (see man ln), or you can modify your $PATH environment variable to include the complete path to the bin folder where this is located, and that way it’ll be runnable from anywhere in the terminal.


If you want a GUI “icon” in the applications menu, you need to add desktop file as noted in the answer I’ve linked to above.

Please do not expect things to work on Linux (or Mac) as they do on Windows. They’re all different operating systems with completely different design principles for their user interfaces.

You mean Windows 10.

My Fedora uses Windows it is the graphic interface

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Yep, “Windows” is the OS, what we use in graphical interfaces are “windows”.