Kinoite Qt Creator

Hello. I’ve been using Fedora for a long time, but it is my first time using an inmutable OS. I have created a toolbox container and installed Qt Creator on it. I’m reading the Kinoite FAQ. It says “To be able to launch them directly from menus, you can copy the .desktop file for the IDE from the toolbox to your home directory in ~/.local/share/applications/

I don’t know where this desktop file is, I cannot find it. Where is it? My ~/.local/share/applications folder has no files in it

Another question. I can open qtcreator from the command line, and it works. But, how can I change the theme? it is not using the dark theme from my system

Inside the toolbox, applications usually store their .desktop files in /usr/share/applications/. Once you find the file, you can create a duplicate of this file in your personal applications directory, ~/.local/share/applications/. Next, you need to modify the Exec= line in the copied .desktop file. You should prepend toolbox run to the existing command in the Exec= line. This modification tells the system to run Qt Creator using the toolbox environment.

Additionally, there is a Flatpak version of Qt Creator. The Flatpak version may require less manual configuration, including themes and desktop integrations.

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It works, thanks!

Yes, but I think it is version 8.0, and the latest is 11 or 12 beta