DaVinci resolve on toolbox and how to create desktop shortcuts

i have DaVinci Resolve on toolbox installed and running and been using toolbox to run DaVinci but now i was wanting to create dektop shortcuts to easier start. Distrobox has this export, but i try to keep my system as default as poosible and toolbox is here already so why not use it and toolbox does the job only now i am missing desktop shortcuts is there simple way to achieve this on Silverblue?

I don’t think there is a simple way to directly export apps like distrobox. Instead,

  1. Locate the application’s desktop file in the toolbox, usually found in /usr/share/applications/
  2. Copy the desktop file into your host applications directory at ~/.local/share/applications/.
  3. Modify the desktop file’s Exec= line by prepending “toolbox run” to the existing command.
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thanks i will try and test this method only thing toolbox is missing tbh is the export option

Hello @anon91881872 ,
There are a couple of apps for making and managing .desktop files, such as this one from the Fedora Flatpak remote …

there are others …

i will test this one too if that works it will be more easier and question is does it have permissions to toolbox and apps there if so then this could be good easy answer for now

There is also profiles that you can setup in Gnome terminal as well as other terminal programs such as Ptyxis. Ptyxis is a container focused terminal program. A very powerful customization tool for setting up environments suited to particular tasks, like focused on rust development say, or python, or java, or … maybe not coding

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thank you will defo look in to this one more

This is a non-goal for Toolbx.

  • Application distribution format. Use Flatpak for client applications and Podman for server applications.

There is a DaVinci Resolve Flatpak but it does take quite a while to compile.

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