Can not remove the android studio icon from desktop on Fedora 36!

Recently I removed the android studio app from Fedora 36, but on my desktop I still have blank android studio icon so I wonder how to remove it?
Is it maybe some bug because on Fedora 35 all worked fine.

Where was android studio installed from?

I am sure it was not a fedora repo, so the location of the .desktop file is probably in ~/.local/share/applications/ and may need to be removed manually after removing the app.

I checked in ~/.local/share/applications/ and there is nothing left.
I installed the android studio from official android studio website
The icon is still there but is a blank with only vissible text below the icon.(Android Studio)

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If you remember the command to start androidstudio you could try to check if you still find a folder with whereis androidstudio

This shows you the directory’s where the command is using ink. manpage. and config folder of an app.

I deleted all folders of android studio.

also check /usr/share/applications/

next time, you may want to consider

So why is not correct to download an android studio directly from a Google developer site?
What is a difference?


ls ~/Desktop

If you have something on your desktop you not are using the default gnome desktop?
What does inxi -S displays if you run it in a terminal?

I have just reinstalled my Fedora 36 so I do not have this problem anymore.

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I am using Gnome, just checked with echo $XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP command.

because you don’t receive updates when you update your system.

however, if you install software from fedora (or any other) repository or as flatpak (from flathub or so), the software is updated during regular system updates. no manual intervention required.

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Ok now is more clear, but what kind of problems I can expect if install the Android Studio from official Google developer website?

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If you install from google, you not exactly know if it was optimized for fedora. Sometimes distribution have a slight different folder structure for example. This could be also the reason why you not could find your .deskop file to remove the link.

And as @augenauf mentioned the missing automatic update.


I read your question about android studio because I’m considering doing this install even though I’m just a user, not a developer.
So I would like to ask you the following:
was your installation and use of android studio successful?
Thank you very much for your attention.