Removing Android Studio on Fedora 35/34/33/32

Hi, I need help removing Android Studio from my system. I used the this article to install it. I used the second method.

Installations done with a tar file are mosttimes uninstalled with the rm
comand. You go to the directory where you went for this: “Unpack the downloaded Tar file, android-studio-ide–, into an appropriate location for your applications” and rm the files and directories created here.

$ sudo rm -r ./android-studio
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Thank you , now I know , I am learning on the go.

That fix handles the files extracted from the tar file, but does not handle the binaries that may have been installed in other places by doing a compile using make or a shell script.

Usually if the user used ‘make’ followed by ‘sudo make install’ to compile and install the binaries from that package, then ‘sudo make uninstall’ would be the way to uninstall those compiled binaries.

Similarly, if a shell script was run to install the package then the binaries would be uninstalled by using the same or similar shell script to uninstall the binaries.

In either case the uninstall should be completed before the directory structure extracted from the tar file is removed.

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  1. Delete the android-studio folder;
  2. Delete the sdk folder if it is in not inside the android-studio directory;
  3. Delete ~/.AndroidStudio , which contains config and system ;
  4. Delete ~/.android ;
  5. Delete ~/.local/share/applications/jetbrains-android-studio.desktop ,