Remove Eclipse from Fedora

Can someone guide me how to remove Eclipse IDE, I have a small and terrible bug that does not let me copy from the editor and paste out of Eclipse. I need to uninstall it to install it again.

If there is something that anguishes me in Linux, it is not having a clear **way to remove a program that I have installed though a executable file like eclipse-inst file, so many files are always scattered everywhere that I don’t know where to start or how to do it.


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  1. What was the procedure you follow to install it?
  2. The typical way to uninstall a .rpm package is sudo dnf remove [package_name]
  3. you don’t know the package name just type rpm -qa eclipse\*


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Hector, I’m sorry, I had a confusion when writing my question, I didn’t install eclipse using rpm manager, eclipse is installed with an executable file that takes you to an installation wizard.

At this point I don’t know how to remove all the files that have to do with Eclipse, so that I have cleaned everything up and can reinstall it cleanly.

Does the installer not come with an uninstaller? Or instructions how to uninstall? If not, ask the provider of the software how to remove it.

I did a very quick internet search and that brought up the following guide. Looks like you can apply the same on Fedora: How to Install (Remove) Eclipse IDE in Ubuntu 21.04, 20.04 the official way | UbuntuHandbook

Next time you can easily install it from Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux. One-click install, one-click uninstall.

Yes, you are right, next time I’m going to start using more containerized tech is better as you already say it.

After installing F37 from scratch I have been installing almost all my main apps via Flatpak, wow! Definitely the Container Tech is amazing bc you do not shower your main os with dependencies and configuration files everywhere.

What a fool I was that I was not paying attention to this and already knowing that it existed and how it worked, I had not been able to analyze it in this way.

Really thank for the tips!

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Eclipse IDE is trusted open source software used all around the globe. Install from their website that gives many options about different programming languages : C++, Java, … To remove it you wipe out the files in home directory, that’s all …

Exactly this, and if it is installed somewhere in your home directory (eg. in ~/opt/eclipse) then it can even automatically update itself and plugins which is very convenient.

Not true.
On fedora eclipse is normally installed as a flatpak and should be removed the same way.
Files in the users home directory should also be removed, but that would not remove the app itself.