Deleted application displaying in show application

Hi I have an unusual problem. I have deleted an application quite sometime ago and it is still showing, but without an icon. It was deleted when I was on F34, even after upgrading to F35 it still there.

Is this a common problem or unique to me


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I’m guessing that’s nvidia sever settings.If you have the nvidia driver installed it is probably part of that package.

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Can you please tell us how you had installed, and then removed the application also? (Are we talking about eclipse or nvidia settings by the way?)

Sorry I should have mentioned. It is Eclipse I was referring to.
I just downloaded it from Eclipse website and used the installer file. To remove, i think i ran the below, which delete the app but not the icon. When i click on it it doesnt do anything anyway. So i assume it got deleted.

rm /usr/bin/eclipse
rm /usr/share/applications/eclipse.desktop
rm -fr /opt/eclipse

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Did you run this as root (usually we try not to mess with system folders because that can cause conflicts with packages installed by dnf).

It’s probably just a left over file somewhere, but without knowing what files the installer installed, it’s hard to figure out what to remove. that’s sort of why we try and stick to rpm using dnf—it tracks what files each package installed/updated so it can be cleanly removed.

I guess you can run the installer again and this time make a note of what files it installs, and then remove them all.

Seems like you have removed that but there are some piece of that application still exists i think a easy solve can be reinstall that app again same way and uninstall that most of the time the uninstaller take care of all of that and remove all files that required to and don’t mess with system files “mostly”
But if that application does not have that then while installing notice what file in which dir it creating and when you want to uninstall just rm them individuallly and
So you can remove all easily.

Hi Sorry for the delayed reponse. I finally found the file that was causing the problem which was in home directory. I managed to delete it. Thanks to all for your assistance.

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