Cannot find eclipse package in repo

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I am new to Linux and Fedora (35). I have installed some packages from the command line okay and then tried to install eclipse i got the following.

[peterstaples@D4-3B-04-CC-E7-CD ~]$ sudo dnf install eclipse
[sudo] password for peterstaples:
Last metadata expiration check: 0:01:00 ago on Fri 25 Feb 2022 21:16:53 GMT.
No match for argument: eclipse
Error: Unable to find a match: eclipse
[peterstaples@D4-3B-04-CC-E7-CD ~]$

the command was copy pasted from the Eclipse β€” Fedora Developer Portal page.

any reason why this would fail so fundamentally?

Thanks for your help.


You can install it with flatpak: flatpak install org.eclipse.Java

That page is a bit outdated:

As @vwbusguy says, the FlatPak is the best solution right now.

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Awesome (except for the outdated page), thanks guys! Genuinely much appreciated.

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