When Will Eclipse Be Updated?

Eclipse 2019-6 has been out for quite a while. When will it be updated from 2019-3 in Fedora repositories? What is the update cycle for it? Who is the package manager.

Hi @powergame! I don’t know answer to any of your questions, but you can find at least some info about what’s going on with the package on the Fedora Koji website.

And although package maintainer isn’t clearly stated there, we can see one person is doing the majority of the builds.

Also it looks like some testing builds of new version are done (more than once), and maybe you can try installing it as a module from updates-testing-modular repository. Please keep in mind that it’s likely not to be ready for production work (may also be it’s not working at all at this point). But maybe you can help with testing it.

Here’s Bodhi page for one of the testing updates to eclipse.

If you intend to help with testing topic can be useful:



I have always preferred to install Eclipse on my home directory using the Eclipse Oomph installer. This way one can be always up to date with releases and plugin updates.

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I agree @paspro. I just installed it in /usr/local/eclipse and it seems to be working much better, latest version, less bugs,more features.

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Obligatory note: Please do keep in mind that when using software from sources other than the Fedora repositories, you will have to get in touch with upstream directly for bugs and other issues. This applies for binaries downloaded from websites, and even other things such as flatpaks from flathub. Maintainers can only test and correct issues with packages they provide in the Fedora repositories.


Please note that apps.fedoraproject.org is going to go away soon. https://src.fedoraproject.org provides most of this information already and the CPE (Community platform engineering) team is looking to reduce their workload and focus on the important infrastructure tools. More information on this here: