How to install & uninstall androio studio when i download it in official site

sorry if this question is little bit of non sense im beginner i want to learn fedora

Don’t know what type of package and install instruction i provided on the official site, but I think the easiest way for installation and uninstall is using the flatpak package provided on Android Studio | Flathub

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i download android studio in this link Fazer o download do Android Studio e das ferramentas de apps: desenvolvedores Android  |  Android Developers

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In Linux you generally don’t download software from vendor sites or other random pages. The best way is to install from repositories of your distribution or other repositories that you trust.

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in software thing? the software that can search and download directly the software like android studio discord ?

once you have setup the repositories (flathub is enabled by default in Fedora), you can use Gnome Software to find (almost) all software that is provided in the repo(s).

you may to to add rpmfusion, which has a lot useful opensource software that is not included in Fedora, see Configuration - RPM Fusion

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