How do I add a script to path of fedora 35

I did search for “path” and “how update path” and did not see any relevant threads. I got some content on other sites, but do not want to use them since I rather get the procedures from a fedora site. That said, I like to add a script to my path. Where can I learn about the path on fedora 35, and how to add it safely please? Here is the script i want to add for added information: lienegin script
I ask because I found when I use other content, it seems to break something. For instance when I changed the permissions for this script and ran it before, it broke my previous fedora install. So I wonder if I should give slightly different permissions or place the script perhaps on a different directory or something. I do realize it could just be the script itself or something else I had on my previous install. Just checking.

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You don’t change your PATH to add a file to it. You just place the file somewhere in your existing PATH. To see what that is you can type echo $PATH and then put the file in one of those directories.

If you want to modify your path to add another directory you can, but in this case I don’t think that is what you need.

That being said, have you ensured that software isn’t already packaged for Fedora before installing it manually?

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If you open a terminal and run echo $PATH you’ll see that /home/YOU/bin is on your path, but the directory doesn’t exist by default. You can use mkdir bin to create it, then simply put your scripts there and they’re on your path.


Thank you. I’ll check out the fedora packages for the software also.

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