Live streaming

I installed widevine and set new useragent in firefox. Netflix and youtube woks fine.
I have one problem and it is live streaming from Direkte NRK1 - NRK TV
I can watch recorded content, but not the tv live stream.
This is the Norwegian main tv channel and it is free if the you have a norwegian IP
Can anyone help?

Since no one else has stepped forward, might installing additional codecs help? In addition to official Fedora gstreamer1 packages, RPM Fusion has non-free, gstreamer1 packages which overwrite some of Fedora’s. To enable RPM Fusion repositories, you can try:

dnf install -y \$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm \$(rpm -E %fedora).noarch.rpm

It might also be worth contacting the station and getting their advice…

I installed Brave browser and everything woks more smooth than Firefox, scrolling streaming etc.
Does Brave use something other than gstreamer?

Hi there!

I don’t know what audio back-end Chromium / Blink forks use, but I can tell you that they do in fact handle multimedia dramatically better than Mozilla / Gecko browsers. I’ve got some decade+ old integrated mobile Intel systems and Blink-based engines just run multimedia and WebGL better. It might not be as obviouse on modern Apple hardware, but yeah, it’s night and day.

As for codec problems, ARM64 has way fewer working builds, but in my option Flathub has solved the software-patents-ruin-everything problem I used to have on Linux. For example, while Chrome flatpak only has builds for x86_64, Chromium and ungoogled-chromium do have aarch64 support.

If you haven’t tried Flathub I can’t recommend it enough!

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For what it’s worth, Google just started providing Windows aarch64 builds of Chrome TODAY! While it very much support aarch64, it’s up to the vendors to distribute it.

Adding RPM fusion and this “sudo dnf swap ffmpeg-free ffmpeg --allowerasing” solved all my streaming problems :smiley: