Some issues getting multimedia codec support for Kinoite

Trying to watch a live-stream on Twitch, I noticed I must not have the necessary codecs when it wouldnt load, so I tried following this guide by RPM Fusion, but am having some issue with it. I skipped everything for Intel / Nvidia, since I only have AMD hardware.
Below is my attempt at installing the “software codec” from the guide.

$ rpm-ostree install ffmpeg gstreamer1-plugin-libav gstreamer1-plugins-bad-free-extras gstreamer1-plugins-bad-freeworld gstreamer1-plugins-ugly gstreamer1-vaapi
error: "gstreamer1-plugin-libav" is already provided by: gstreamer1-plugin-libav-1.22.8-1.fc39.x86_64. Use --allow-inactive to explicitly require it.

After trying with the guide, Twitch still doesn’t play.

I noticed Flathub has a H.264 Codec packaged that someone maintains, so I have that installed too. However, because I’m only using the pre-packaged Firefox (not the Flathub version), will my browser even recognize it?

Interestingly, some YouTube streams have the same issue, and others work fine.
Lastly, I should add that normal videos like on YouTube are completely fine. It’s only live-streams that are an issue for me.

You need to install libavcodec-freeworld instead to overlay more codec support.
#289 remove ffmpeg-free from Kinoite

Thank you! Everything seems to work now.

Do you know if I should do anything special to make sure this fix persists through version updates? I only ask because it seems to be a necessary with adding the RPM Fusion ones to ostree; (mentioned at the bottom of the guide I tried, and this forum thread.)

No problem.

Yes, the forum thread is right. When you perform a version update, rpmfusion-free-release-version-number and rpmfusion-nonfree-release-version-number won’t be updated. This can cause a conflict in package versions and prevent your version update. So, you need to run:

rpm-ostree update --uninstall rpmfusion-free-release --uninstall rpmfusion-nonfree-release --install rpmfusion-free-release --install rpmfusion-nonfree-release

This makes them layered packages, and then their update will be automatic.

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