Cannot play online video in Fedora 29



I am using Fedora 29 but could not play online videos for websites that use openload videos.


What browser? You likely need to add h264 support.


I agree with @refi64 - If you are utilizing Firefox, I can confirm that the RPM Fushion repositories contain the correct codecs that you will need. Keep in mind that these packages are not included in the Fedora 29 repositories as they do not meet the guidelines in some form.

That being said, here is how I install codecs, or rather the super easy way with the famous VLC media player.

  1. Install and enable RPM Fushion repositories from there website - instructions here:

  2. Install VLC from RPM Fushion repositories -

  • Close Firefox
  • Open Terminal
  • sudo dnf update
  • sudo dnf install vlc
  • Open Firefox and test!

  1. It looks like Firefox Nightly and Firefox Developer Edition from the Mozilla flatpak repo have all the codecs needed.
  2. VLC from Flathub seems to have all the codecs needed as well.


I have the issue for both Firefox and Chromium. When I switched to Fedora 27, the issue is gone.


I still have not solved this issue. All online videos play well on Firefox, however, I am using Chromium. For example, this video:
can not be played and most live online TV cannot be played.


Install RPMFusion nonfree, then install chromium-libs-media-freeworld. Or, you can switch to the official Google Chrome instead.


These likely require non-free DRM, and you cannot view them in Fedora.


Since this is in the [Desktop] section, I assume that the user is not on
Silverblue, and likely is not looking for flatpacks.


Both of these options would have you install proprietary software, which
restricts user freedom. Please make sure that you intend to do this, before
going ahead.

Ryan, please make an effort to stay true to our Four Foundations. It is okay
to suggest non-free software, if there is no free equivalent in the repos, but
you should definitely let a user know when they’d be giving away their


Flatpaks aren’t exclusive to Silverblue.