Firefox video codec query......again it seems

Hi all,
I’m trying to get some videos working in Firefox and I’ve read through the previous forum posts using the search function. It seems like lots of people have had issues getting videos to work in firefox and I’m not sure what the correct way forward is. The options seem to be as follows:

  1. Install flatpak of Firefox as it comes with all the codecs BUT it doesn’t allow you to print and has other limitations

  2. Install mozilla-openh264 (which I have done) BUT this only allows some videos to play and has choppy playback sometimes

  3. Add an RPM fusion repo and install ffmpeg-libs. With this option I thought we were trying to get away from using RPM fusion repos?

With option 2 I can play Youtube and videos but I’m trying to do an AWS course and the videos just show a loading circle and black screen, I can’t get any of them to play.

Could anyone help me understand what the best way is to get all videos working in Firefox?

Installing ffmpeg-libs from rpmfusion has worked best for me.

One thing you forgot to note is the marked difference between installing the Flatpak version of Firefox via the flathub vs fedora remote. The one from the Flathub remote is maintained by Mozilla directly and has all of the codecs you need. The one from Fedora is missing a few things from my experience… not everything plays.

Doing options 2 & 3 will probably get you all the performance and features you want. If you install the Firefox from Flathub then you will be able to see all the videos and you can use Flatseal to try and work around limitations.

Personally I have ended up trying to use Flatpaks and the ones from the Fedora remote where possible, so that’s the Firefox I use and just live with the papercuts. I’m hoping it will lead to something better but if the remote stagnates I hope they just go with Flathub… I like the idea of getting my apps directly from the developer.

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I decided to use the flatpak versoin and I’ve been running it for a week or so.
All the videos are working fine and I think the printer will work as I can see it listed as an option (where as I’m sure it didn’t a while back).
The only thing that seems it doesn’t work is the dark theme that you get with the Fedora Firefox. Which I can live with… unless anyone knows how to fix it?!

Cheers for the replies!