Laptop shuts down while trying to boot new installation of Fedora

I’m trying to use an old Lenovo G40-30 that I’ve upgraded with a 500gb Crucial ssd and another 2gb of ram.

Whenever I tried to boot a live image from my USB drive my laptop would shut off in the middle of boot up. Since I never got the live image to work I tried the netinstall and got it to install successfully. However, when I restart I get the same issue with the installed version as I do with the live images. I haven’t been able to find a similar issue documented anywhere and I’m still a newbie, so I’ve got no idea where to go from here.

*The USB drive does work. I just installed Ubuntu on another machine yesterday to use for OctoPrint.

  • I’ve tried the Fedora Media Writer and Rufus
  • I’ve tried with and without secure boot
  • Fast boot is turned off
  • I re-flashed my BIOS but I was already using the latest version so it didn’t do anything
  • The version I installed with the net installer shows the Fedora logo and a loading icon before the laptop shuts off
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I had a similar problem booting a Fedora USB stick a few weeks ago, when I got my new PC. I had checksummed the download, and ensured that the USB stick was allowed to be completely written.

The funny thing was, I had already successfully installed Fedora from the same stick, that same morning. But on all subsequent tries, it would not boot, even after re-downloading, re-verifying, and rewriting.

I’m sorry I can’t help, but I never succeeded after that first time.

Same for me actually, got it to work off the usb but couldn’t get the install to boot. Never was able to get it to boot the usb again besides the netinstall version of Fedora server.

Sorry, just want to ask a few questions. What did you decide to do with the laptop? Did you get another distro to work?

It was on a new desktop PC, but yes, I tried several other distros until I found one I liked. I ended up on Arch Linux.

I still run Fedora 32 on my notebook.

Thanks a lot, going to mark this as solved then.

I recall having the same issue a while ago when I was distro hopping. The main problem I had was the mode the distro iso was installed on the memory stick, i.e. legacy vs. UEFI. Perhaps that was the problem, if your computer runs in legacy bios mode you cannot use UEFI usb and vice versa. I am not 100% sure about this but thought it may be good to mention here.

I’m able to switch to legacy bios but I’ve tried uefi as well.

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