Fedora live CD shuts down while booting

So I’m trying to repair the windows installation on my laptops SSD. I’m trying to do this using the latest fedora live CD. I downloaded the DVD version and burned it to a DVD and verified it.

I switched “UEFI secure boot on” to legacy and secure boot off, in the BIOS.

The thing is I cant get to the login screen. I get to “[ OK ] Started GNOME Display Manager” and it sits with that for about 50 seconds, then I just see a black screen for about 2 minutes, then the laptop just switches off.

Funnily I can’t boot into a ubuntu live CD or my chntpw live CD which is a linux live CD. I can boot into a live CD called PCUnlocker which I think is windows based.

Help me obiwan. You’re my only hope.

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It is not clear why you need a Fedora CD/DVD in the first place. What happened to your Windows? If you are fixing Windows, its best to use a Windows medium instead. Otherwise, we need more information to assist you


Well, I forgot my password. Trying to change it with PCUnlocker didn’t work. I think maybe the SAM is corrupted, or something, because it wouldn’t load the usernames, and such, from the SAM; using PCUnlockers command prompt I tried net user and it showed some users, not all. It also said that it completed with some errors.

But the question is about why it wont boot linux live CDs.

What’s the spec of the machine?

If you were using the latest Fedora Live CD image then you didn’t need to disable secure boot or UEFI mode. Recent Fedora images handle UEFI/Secure boot pretty well. So, just boot with the defaults. If you still cannot get to login screen, it is possible that your Graphics card is acting up (perhaps a graphics driver issue)-- try booting with basic graphics (the option is on the GRUB menu that shows just before booting starts)

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I switched “UEFI secure boot on” to legacy and secure boot off, in the BIOS.

This isn’t recommended. It’s an extreme case. For one, it’s not possible to support Windows installed in UEFI mode, and Fedora installed in legacy (BIOS) mode. They have to be in the same mode.

Difficult to say what’s going on exactly without a copy of journalctl -b > journal.txt to go through and see if there are any clues why it’s failing.

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