Is there a way to change a keyboard key to execute the function of another key in a broken keyboard?

So i have a 2010 macbook that is out of support and because of that i want to switch to fedora, the problem is that the “Delete”/Backspace key is broken , and on that mac i installed an app that make the key above that (“Eject” key) to act as a Delete key. Is that possible on linux/Fedora , without the need to combine keys to make this happen ?

The gnome settings panel allows key mapping to perform different functions. It may not be possible to remove the default setting on dedicated keys, (I have not tried) but key combinations can also be mapped.

The eject key is not one normally seen on a us keyboard so it seems quite possible unless it is hardwired for function.

There is an application called Input Remapper (sudo dnf install input-remapper), more info here:

I don’t know if it fits your needs.

thanks, gonna look

yeah, but i think on default gnome i can only make combination keys, not like change one keyboard key for another