Introduce yourself! (2021)

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Hi all! I’m very new to the open source community, currently living on my family’s small farm in Southwestern Colorado USA while working on a B.S. in Cloud computing systems through an online program.

I grew up on Windows (old enough to remember 9/11 and dialup being the standard, but young enough to have had an iPod as a kid) and spent a few years in the military after high school. Afterwards I moved back close to home and studied Economics while working in retail customer service, then landed a sales career in the tech startup world. I realized how much I love computers and software and just needed a change after the pandemic hit.

Right now I’m taking a class on Linux and learning about actual Freedom. I messed around in WSL 2 Ubuntu for a while and did my first dual boot with Manjaro + KDE Plasma 5 last week after trying EndeavourOS at the suggestion of a friend. Really liking it but trying to explore more, so I found my way here researching a project idea.

Any suggestions for my first Fedora distro? I’m interested in working my way up to DevOps or cloud native type workflows.


Welcome to Fedora, @mccarter

My personal suggestion would be to start with “vanilla” Fedora Workstation edition, use it for a while, and after you have learned your way around, then you can start trying more specialized editions.


Thanks Tim! Writing from partition number three on a new install of Workstation 33, very slick experience compared to the other stuff I tried. Will be making this my “home” machine for a while.


Greetings! I come from EndeavourOS(Arch).

I’m a growing college freshman with big dreams about open source and Linux.

I’ve never used an RHEL based system before. I wanted extra stability over Arch but still wanted the latest packages available. Fedora seemed like the perfect system.

I joined because I have some issues with Gnome-software. Some packages don’t show up for reason. If I can get that fixed then I think I might fully convert to Fedora.

I hope to become a software engineer/entrepreneur for developing Linux software and hardware(think SYstem76 but for my spin of Fedora).

I hope to learn from all of you great people in the hopes of making my dreams.


Welcome, @suppaman . As an Arch Linux and Fedora Linux user, I think you have chosen well.


Welcome! You’ve definitely come to the right place to talk about things like making a Remix. For the GNOME Software questions, our sibling site Ask Fedora is more focused on end-user help and might be more directly relevant. Either way, glad to have you on board!

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I’m a longtime Fedora user focused on games. I’ve developed some games from scratch and fixed up others. I maintain a few packages in Fedora. Recently I’ve been trying to increase the profile of open source games. I did a talk about restoring old free software games at the last LibrePlanet. I’ve done a few talks about Gamerzilla, my open source game achievement system. Feel free to see what I’ve been playing.


Where would be the best place for a wild pitch on a remix idea to set up a “consumer cloud”?

Essentially I’m thinking of a Minikube-focused remix on Silverblue (for immutability) to set up a publicly traded cloud service commodities market, hosted in the world’s largest “semi-reliable” Kubernetes service mesh :slight_smile:

I figure if big tech got to make huge profits last year from spare cloud computing capacity, why not let people sell extra resources from their home computers?

(and just in case there are any big business execs reading… this post is CC BY-ND 2.0)


I’m Warren from South Africa.
I have been using Linux for a few years now.
I started off with Open Suse then dabbled a bit with ubuntu (Both great Distros)
I felt like I wanted to try something else & here I am


Hi Vojtěch, yes I am :). Nice to see more countryman here!

Yeah, its nice to see

Hi, I am Nicolai

I am new to Fedora and as I have not used a non-container OS on a server for years, I thought I’ll give Silverblue a try. The concept sounded elegant but more end user machine friendly than NixOS. I hope for a friendly community for people of all kinds of backgrounds as long as they are kind and caring. I studied cultural anthropology and philosophy, I work in the realm of DevOps, SRE and Resilience engineering, I like trains, recumbent bikes and I collect cute stickers.


Nice, and welcome! I hope you can find a technology home, but no matter what, I know we have you covered for cute stickers.


Hello !
I am Yann.
I started using Linux since kernel 1.2.7 (bought with a book and a CD with Slackware).
I work with Fedora since it was one digit old :slight_smile:
I made music using Fedora and I manage a COPR repository with tools for music under Fedora (since Fedora 20 as far as I remember).
Check out the gloomy / horror / chiptune music I made using LMMS and various other tools on Fedora on Jamendo:

I use Fedora Live to with a friend of mine playing metal and dance:


Hi, I’m fuller (also my FAS).
I’m a Linux user since being introduced to Debian in college and have been running Fedora since Verne (16). I’m a PhD research engineer in combustion chemistry from the US, now living in Germany, moving next to Israel. (I keep thinking the next stop could be the last stop…).
My contributions extend to testing and some scientific software/LaTeX on GitHub (mefuller)


Welcome Fellow Human! Human Fella!

Welcome! Nice to see you at the social hour!

I wonder for how many academia people the main entry to Open Source is actually through LaTeX.

That’s definitely the case for me, as I started to use Linux because of emacs-auctex package. And also my first use of git was to store my PhD thesis on GitHub :slight_smile:

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I think, in my field, the plurality gateway is Octave to replace Matlab (works best when the license server goes down and they can’t make their plots). Python use is widespread, but it doesn’t really make an impression as far as the FOSS holy wars go, in my experience.