Introduce yourself! (2023 Q4)

Hi Everybody,

Happy Q4 2023! I wish everyone a better quarter than the previous one. Wish the full moon brings light to everywhere it is needed.

It is 2023-10-01 01:15 UTC, time for a new thread to mark the start of Q4!

Looking forward to learn more about you, and new develpments in the Fedora Universe, and the approaching release of Fedora 39.

Continuing the discussion from Introduce yourself! (2023 Q3):


I’ll jump in here! My day job is a IT guy at a university in Alberta. I spend quality time with things like a student information system, Moodle, MacOS, Microsoft 365, and leading a team. My Fedora use is mostly for my sanity, a stable and wonderful desktop to game (Retroarch is my jam), code (Python), content creation (podcast recording) and general use computing.

My start in IT was as programmer (I wasn’t very good) and then graduated to administration work and then team leadership (rose to my level of incompetence).

I so appreciate the Fedora community, and Matthew’s leadership of the project. Hello all!


Welcome steve!

University setups can be challenging, I’m sure there’s no lack of things
to work on. :slight_smile:


Hi Everyone, my name is David, and i’m fedora user and Linux enthusiastic, i’m IT Engineer, and i work for a SJS School, where i’m the IT administrator, i’m musician too, and i use all the open source tools for music production, audio, video. I’m from Mexico, and you can find me at my social medias as davidcoatlicue :woman_singer:


Welcome David!


Hello, a new Fedora user here! I’m a truck mechanic from Finland who likes computers as a hobby and I’m interested in open source and privacy. I have around 10 years of casual Linux user experience with old laptops running Ubuntu/mate as my secondary PC. Now with the advances in Linux gaming thanks to Valve and my gaming habits changing to more casual as I’m getting older, I felt that now is the time to take the Linux challenge and try living completely free from windows.

I don’t like making accounts around the internet, being the tinfoil-hat that I am. But I already in some way feel proud of using Fedora, so might as well join the community. I will have many questions along my journey of becoming a bearded FOSS bear. :grin: I am not so familiar with the command line and config files and I have so many things to learn. SELinux and firewalld configuration among many others.


Hi All, I’m a Fedora Workstation user and infrastructure engineer at a larger software-as-a-service enterprise. I’m currently looking to replace a set of personal CentOS installs w/ Fedora Server.


Hello everyone, I am Dewesh and I am Physics student, and had installed Fedora KDE on my Desktop. I am looking forward to improvise myself in the new realms !!


Hey there! :slight_smile:

I am a new fedora workstation user. I am an online entrepreneur and content creator. I currently making a transition from MacOs catalina (the last not so bad Macos) to fedora as my daily driver. I already managed to install fedora dual boot an my 2019 Macbook Pro (big thanks to T2Linux). And now I am looking to get all the apps together I need for my daily work.

I really believe that Fedora is an awesome project with a great future! :slight_smile:

Looking forward to dig in deeper.

Happy week-end y’all! :slight_smile:



Thanks for the T2Linux link - I also have a 2019 MBP and would love to move away from macOS on it to Fedora :slightly_smiling_face:


Very cool! :slight_smile: And yes, the T2Linux Project is awesome. They are also very helpful on discord when you face an issue. If you want to install fedora on your 2019 MBP definetly join their server (it’s free).

The dual boot works the best for me at the moment - as I am still making my way into the linux/fedora world.

Happy move! :slight_smile:


Hi :wink: I’m a coach driver (driving with tourists around Europe), and also IT technician - but I never worked in IT as a full time job. I always feel that I don’t have enough experience and skillset (lack of certifications and master degree) - I always learn, and always by my own pace - but I never had the money or opportunity to try linux administration for real. RHCSA and similar exams are expensive… I want to learn more, so your help is welcome - and maybe I will also help someone here? - who knows. I’m also interested in security and privacy. I started using linux full time since OpenSuse 9.0 - then tried all of the major distros. I tried OSX, Even BSD’s (OpenBSD, FreeBSD, etc…) But theres something in Linux… I don’t know what… I like how fedora is… so I’m using it… When Gentoo can’t compile on old laptop - fedora just works… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi all, I’m Nia and I’ve been an on and off Fedora Workstation user (Debian keeps calling me back) but I’m back with Fedora 39 on the KDE spin. Been using Linux since the past 5-7 years back when I was still in school. I don’t make many accounts online since I like to keep my internet profile a bit low, but if you think you recognize me from somewhere else then it’s probably me.

My primary use for Fedora is just a daily computer, gaming, work (though browser-based, doesn’t matter which OS I use.) and just whatever else throughout the day. I don’t exactly work in anything that makes use of Linux, I’m a Search Engine Evaluator.

I like Fedora because I want both a stable OS that I can rely on, but also want to have some newer software, without the large amount of updates that a rolling-release brings. Fedora does exactly that for me.


Hi everyone, my name is Massimiliano, I’m a Fedora user since 2019. I’ve been using Linux since 2011, hoping from Ubuntu, to Debian and finally I came to Fedora. I’m not a professional programmer, but I like coding for fun. I started with Basic on a Commodore 64 long long time ago, now I like to code mostly in C/C++ on Linux. Two years ago I decided to start studying again and I enrolled in the Faculty of Computer Science at the Sapienza University of Rome.


Hi All,

My name is Vaz and I’m from the UK. I am a new convert to Fedora and have been experimenting with Fedora Server in my test environment. In my day job I am a Desktop Support Analyst at a University.

I look forward to engaging with the community and hopefully contributing along the way.


Hi everyone!
I’m Nick (Or Zen if you prefer) I have been using fedora here since 2017 when I fully dove into Linux while in college. I finished up my degree in Computer Informatics and Cyber Security which lead to a job as a sys admin and security admin in a Windows environment. Can’t complain having a fun job doing what I enjoy here in my hometown. My daily duties are the usual day to day and help desk stuff while also managing vulnerabilities. I’m always tinkering and getting my hands dirty with new projects on the side. Outside of IT I enjoy gaming, reading, cooking and gardening. I’m a bit new to forums and the contributing with open source community at large, but I’m excited to try and dip my toes in more. So, this is me finally taking that first step outside my comfort zone! Hoping I can help contribute in some way to my favorite project! :grin:


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Hi everyone,

My name is Andrew, I’m a System Administrator from the UK working in local government. I started out working in IT as an apprentice straight out of GCSEs in 2013 and I’m now a Senior Infrastructure Engineer. I work primarily in a Windows environment with a couple of Linux servers.

I’ve started trying to blog ( though I post sporadically. I’m hoping to post a lot more in 2024!

Outside of IT I enjoy gaming, reading and cooking.

I’m new to these forums, but have been using Fedora since Fedora 39 was released in Beta. I’ve distrohopped over the years, but I think Fedora is going to be my OS of choice moving forward.

Like others here, I’m hoping to help contribute in some way to Fedora.