Introduce yourself! (2023 Q3)

Hi Everybody,

Happy Q3 2023! I wish everyone a better quarter than the previous one.

It is 2023-07-01 01:34 UTC, time for a new thread to mark the start of Q3!

Looking forward to learn more about you, and new develpments in the Fedora Universe.

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Alright! I’ll do it. (Self introducing “me, myself and I”.) I wrote something in my summary while I was subscribed only on “Ask Fedora” (copypasted here in “brave new discuss” – thumbs up Matt, I beleive this is going to become a great place to connect people). It’s true (what I wrote there in summary/description). It’s little. I didn’t desribe myself enough. I’m “Jack of all trades, master of none.” I dabble with computers, carpentry/joinery, cooking, construction work, advicing … If You’ll have me here, that’s fine with me. I’ll be grateful. I don’t want to write down here all the operating systems that I tried in my life (maybe I can start a new topic here in “Cooler”), but Fedora caught my hart. I don’t see it just like “distro”. It’s my OS. :slight_smile: First choice. Others can run under VM (allright, FreeBSD is also entitled to bare metal). Happy new Q to all of You nice Fedorians.


I’m Thomas. I worked for Red Hat for almost 14 years, and I even have a Fedora tattoo designed by Mairin Duffy! Red Hat Tattoos – GeekyTattoos.

I’ve used Linux on the desktop as my primary OS since about 1995. I am currently a Fedora user for my daily driver, although I’ll be moving back to a RHEL role soon and will probably move back to RHEL for my daily driver.

I’m passionate about Open Source, and have taught and published tons of articles and slide decks about various tasks from security, to systems management, to storage, and so on. I have been in a role for the last 4 years which didn’t really lend itself to contributing much for IP reasons, but that will change soon. I hope to get back into contributing articles and slides and videos soon.


Hello There! Figured I should jump in and introduce myself.

I’m Patrick! I was born and raised in poor, rural tobacco country, Eastern NC, about an hour away from Raleigh.

Despite humble origins, I always wanted to work in computers, but never had the resources to really pursue it until college. I’m very much a product of the open source/open access “explosion” that took place in the early 00’s, where faster internet speeds met with open access to information, and the world I wanted to be so much a part of (software engineering) finally opened up to me.

After some stagnation in my career, I started contributing to open source projects in my spare time. I came across something called Pulp[1], which fit my database driven web application experience and I started knocking out easy fixes. The team was impressed, and I was scooped up by Red Hat not long after. That was a little over 7 years ago. Now, I do release engineering for Satellite.

I’ve been involved in the Fedora community at various points during this time, mostly as a silent user. For a small stint a few years ago, I owned the Pulp rpms in fedora.

Recently, my interest in contributing to Fedora again has grown[2], and I decided to become more involved in the community. I find a lot of joy in release engineering, and will be looking to get involved in efforts mainly around this area.

I’m very ADHD, probably excessively open about my personal struggles in life, and willing to overshare how my history has affected my viewpoint to anyone interested.

Looking forward to helping out!

  1. ↩︎

  2. While recent Red Hat drama wasn’t an initial driver, it definitely helped me get off my tail and start being vocal. ↩︎


Hello everyone!

Full time Linux user for about two years.
Started with Mint and also tried Manjaro KDE, back to Mint. Tried quite a few tiling window managers and settled down with i3. Came to Fedora mid F36 because of the i3 spin. Very pleased with the switch to Fedora.

Currently contributing swedish translations through Translation Project and /e/OS - degoogled Android.

When all strings in /e/OS are translated I would like to start contributing to Fedora.


Hello everybody!

I’m leaving my name anonymous for reasons, mostly because I have anxiety being online interacting with people so this helps me with that.

I am a full time Linux user for about 7 years on the desktop and have used Linux/AIX in my day job (FAA) for about 6 years now. (Basically a neutered sysadmin type stuff, government work can be very limiting in what you can do)

I am currently a Air National Guard member who works on Avionics for C-130s and have worked commercial aviation prior to the FAA working on Boeing 737s, 767s, 787s, and two 747s.

I’ve always been interested in computers and started using Ubuntu 6.06 when I first started High School to play around when they gave away free cds! What a cool time! :smiley:

I volunteer for a Non-profit crisis pregnancy center for IT (basically everything under the sun) in my community.

I’ve wanted to contribute to Fedora for a long time, but my time is spent with my family and job and I’m not a developer either so, I’m not that useful. So I just try to get in on the beta testing as much as I can.

Bragging on my amazing wife: she is going to college for professional midwifery and has a little less than a year left. So it’s pretty busy around my neck of the woods. She has a 4.0 GPA and is a rockstar. Really excited to see where she goes with it.

My hobbies (when I have time :rofl: ) include playing Guitar/Bass, Sim Racing, Retro game collecting (Sega Genesis/Dreamcast/Saturn/Super Nintendo/N64 etc etc) and listening to podcasts.


Hi people. My name is Cătălin George Feștila, known on the web by these nicknames: mythcat and catafest.
I am licensed in organizational management and more…
Hobby: development, 2D and 3D graphic designer,
Sports: tennis, horse riding, and snowboarding in the past, now outdoor exercise and cycling.
I live in Romania, Europe. I’m born in 1976.
My time is limited by many tasks, but I get time for Fedora Linux.


Welcome! Glad to see you here!


Not sure I ever introduced myself. My best friend in high school got a Commodore 64 for his 16th birthday, and I suddenly discovered what I wanted to be when I grew up. We taught ourselves C64 Basic, then 6502 assembly language. I went on to get way too much education, be a Computer Science professor for 8 years, then move on to doing software work in private industry.

I installed Red Hat Linux 4.2 while in grad school, and have run every version of Red Hat Linux and then Fedora since.

About 18 years ago, Ville Skyttä (whom I had worked with on the XEmacs project) saw some RPMs on my web page and asked me why I didn’t add them to Fedora. He sponsored me into the packager group, and I have maintained an ever-growing collection of mathematical and formal methods packages in Fedora ever since. Getting everything I want into Fedora would entail adding about another 200 packages on top of the approximately 400 I now maintain, so I’m not sure that’s every going to happen.

I have always enjoyed the friendliness and helpfulness of the Fedora community.


Hello World!

I’m an old UNIX guy. I was a C developer for Sun Microsystems back in the 1990s, taught IT/compsci for 25 years, and wrote a lot of Linux books over the past two decades.

Outside of academia, I hang around an incubator in the K-W region of Canada, where I’m the cloud architect, principle dev coach, and obligatory rust snob. I do so much microservice development nowadays that half the time I’m not sure if my name is Jason or Json.

I’ve been a Linux user since the late 1990s, where I ran Red Hat on my DEC Digital Personal Workstation 600au (Alpha) and contributed to the original SHARCnet supercomputing project (which was 100% DEC Alpha back then).

When Red Hat split into RHEL/Fedora, I naturally switched to Fedora. It’s been my favourite distro since, my second favourite F word, and what I currently use as my daily driver (Fedora Asahi Remix on Apple Silicon).



Hey people! I am a sociologist and open source enthusiast. I teach sociology and co-social responsibility in high school and computer thinking in middle school. Recently, I started a data science course. In the school where I teach, computer labs are my responsibility. I started a test with Fedora spin Budgie (I have already tested other editions and other distros). Some computers are old Pentium Dual Core with 2GB RAM, and others are Celeron of 2012 with 4GB RAM. I like to talk about tech, education, society, and of course Linux and Fedora. On my personal PC, I use Fedora Workstation (with Budgie DE installed too) and PeppermintOS. I love KDE and I use various software by KDE but I hope KDE Plasma 6 is better than 5.”


Hello everyone,

I started using Linux in 1997, and Slackware was the first distro I used. I’ve also used Debian, SuSE, and RedHat before I switched to Fedora. Besides that, I professionally worked with different Unix flavours (BSD, Solaris, and SCO).

Today, I work with data (engineer, architect, developer) and I rely on Python and Scala as my daily drivers. I like to build complex data pipelines, work with real-time data streaming, and do analysis on big amounts of data in near real time. I had the chance to work with Hadoop clusters when it was still popular, but today I mostly work with Spark and its internals, especially data lakes and data serialisation (distributing data in large scale using Apache Iceberg, Databricks Delta tables, etc).

I’m happy to be a part of Fedora, and I’m getting started with the art of packaging RPM, focusing on data, ML/AI, Scala and Python. :slight_smile:


Hey there, I’m one of the old-timers but haven’t introduced myself yet.

Let’s do this backwards: I’m a software engineer with Red Hat, working in the Community Platform Engineering Team, the folks who develop and run Fedora (in-house) infrastructure. I’ve been in a couple of other roles in my 20+ years at Red Hat: I was an engineer on the infamous Modularity project, a plain package maintainer, the designated Red Hat engineer on-site in the SAP LinuxLab, a consultant and support person. Fedora Linux has been my daily driver since it was a thing, before that Red Hat Linux starting at Uni where I ran a server and computer pool with it as a student assistant. My first Linux distro was Slackware 2.3, but RHL 4.0 quickly replaced it. As a kid and teenager I was firmly in the Atari camp with a 130XE followed by an 520ST, always confused what people used this weird GNU software for I came across at “Public Domain Software” distributors – funny how that went.

I live in Germany with my wife and some rabbits, other than computers I like to play music, mainly on drums, and take photos.


Hello everyone!

Wow, I sure feel pressured (but also excited) to be among so many talented engineers and technical folks, but I will give it a go. Although I am not new to the concept of open-source, I am new in terms of getting involved with it, specially since I am not too much of a technical guy, but a project manager who is intensely interested in technical aspects.

I am interested in cybersecurity, server management, and all things hardware, and hope to learn from this awesome community and share my knowledge the best I can, too. Every time I use an open-source software on my day-to-day I am reminded of how much I owe to these communities so I decided to put my money where my mouth is, and contribute as much as I can so we can continue to improve people’s lives.

Originally from Brazil, but have lived all over the globe, my hobbies are mostly gaming, weightlifting, going for long walks, or staying in and having a movie night with my lovely girlfriend and our cats.



I first became interested in UNIX/UNIX like operating systems while reading a Dr. Dobb’s Journal series on porting BSD to the 386. After the last of the series published, while waiting patiently for the release of 386BSD, I ran across the posting of Linux. I downl
oaded it, followed the instructions for installation, and booted. I was thrilled I had a command prompt. Since I still had homework
to turn in the next day I reinstalled mswindows.

My part time contracting position at NCR Peripheral Products Division (scsi came from there) gave me my first real taste of UNIX programming. They were in the midst of building the first ever hardware raid controller and I was writing tests on both 386 systems running sco 3.2v2 and 68000 systems running svr4. I had a little exposure to the at&t 3b2 at my job between undergrad and grad school. Next I was in a graduate program where Sun workstations running sunos were in our offices and the lab I ran was full of rs6000’s running aix. I worked a part time contracting position supporting aix at the local ibm facility. Having a dozen aix hosts with 3.5" floppy drives allowed for making a set of 50 or so with slackware go quickly. From then on I have primarily been running Linux on the computers I’ve owned.

My contributions to Linux and open source so far have been at the level of promoting their use in the jobs I’ve held.


Hello there

older tech enthuasists and Retired Head chef from Scandinavia living my life in Asia ( 5 years already ). Started full Linux/developing experience 2 years ago since wanted to have some hobby/freelancing to get something to do and started as graphics designing/websites and moved more on 3D graphics and now im learning more on c++/Python and studying Google certifications IT support specialist and System administrator.

Just love to learn and do stuff managing servers, building apps or websites and see the idea coming live. Still keeping this as Hobby since i run 2 other companies so maybe some years more learning and getting more experience i might start contribute, but no promises i love testing new stuff, been game tester and Windows insider member i think from 2007 so might even get older third laptop and start running more Linux beta testing who knows.

Love old school style forums and moved out of Matrix/Discord/Whatsapp/Facebook and other platforms just waste of time and too much distractions sending messages and calling is much better way to contact people and yes Work i prefer slack and email

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