Self-intro glaringgibbon

Hi all

I’ve recently joined the community. About to push my first package to review. :crossed_fingers:t2:

I’m self-taught, I don’t work in IT but I would like to. I joined to improve my knowledge by filling in the gaps and adopt more professional habits.

I thought writing for the magazine would help me expand my knowledge. You know you understand something when you teach it to someone else.

I had a look at the board and there’s a few things I’d be interested in writing about.

I look forward to working with you all shortly.


Welcome! If you need a sponsor, I am happy to help

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Welcome aboard.

Information on writing for the Fedora Magazine can be fount here.

This is part of the complete Magazine information availalble here.

Please let us know how we can help as you choose a topic and begin writing. The editors are glad to help.

Thanks for your interest in contributing.

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Hi glaring,

Welcome to Fedora Community!

Did you start packaging software for Fedora? If so, that is great and you have taught yourself well.

Also, you are welcome to contribute to Fedora Magazine. We are looking forward to seeing your article published in the magazine.

Best regards,

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Hi Mehdi,

Thank you kindly. I’d say “taught” is an exaggeration. Struggled manfully for hours on something that should take 10 minutes would be more accurate. I need a few more under my belt before I’d say I’d learned it.

Kind regards

Hi Richard

I have started to skim through the Magazine info and looked at the board. Hopefully have a bit more time this weekend to read in more depth.

Thanks for getting in touch, much appreciated. If there’s anything that needs looking at urgently, let me know. If it’s in my wheelhouse, I’ll have a crack at it. Otherwise, I’ll catch up with you all next week at some point.

I did see a few topics on the board that were of interest. Unfortunately, I was on mobile and the screen wasn’t rendering it very well. Text from one “card” was bleeding into others.

Kind regards


Hi Michel

That would be terrific. Thank you kindly. I’m just about to push my first package up to Bugzilla. It’s called colortest. Just something simple to start learning the ropes. I have a reviewer lined up so sponsor was all that missing.

Thanks again, I really appreciate your help.

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Thanks Juha,

Dinner at the captain’s table later then?

Sure. I can arange a drama also.

I’ve got enough drama as it is.

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