2023-11-09 DEI Team meeting summary: New member, Appreciation Week, Advisor docs, Mentor Summit

Our team met again for our fortnightly team meeting, this time on Matrix via Meetbot. The main topics for today are outlined below:

  • Ticket #24: New member nomination: Robert Wright (rwright)
  • Ticket #15: Fedora Appreciation Week 2023
  • Ticket #20: Revisiting the DEI Representative to Council Role
  • Issue #25: Fedora Mentor Summit 2024

See the minutes below for more details. Hope to see folks at the party tomorrow and Saturday! :tada:

#dei:fedoraproject.org: diversity

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Meeting summary

Meeting ended at 2023-11-09 14:01:37

Action items

  • !action @jflory7 Work with the Flock organizing committee to explore an extra day reserved for Fedora Mentor Summit 2024

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