I am unable to bootup fedora 33 "/dev/disk/by-uuid/ *** does not exist"

Please guide me, how to resolve this issue.

You do realize that fedora 33 has been EOL for about a year now?

With that said, it seems something has changed a device UUID on your system or a device is failing.

It may be necessary to boot to a live image and use chroot to recover. We need a lot more detail to assist.

If you can get into the emergency shell with the root password then let us know otherwise we will definitely need to assist with a live image boot and the chroot environment.

Thank you for your assistance and response. I returned it using the snapshot.

Hi, same issue with Fedora 38 after I cloned the harddrive to a SSD. I tried to recover with a live image but it was not successful. Can you help me please?