How to go on if 'Test media & start Fedora Workstation 38' option in grub menu returns 'It is not recommended to use this media.'?

Hello. I downloaded the Fedora Workstation 38 iso (not via Fedora Media Writer) and checked the gpg signatures and checksum as described on Fedora Workstation | The Fedora Project. Gpg’s output was, the signature’s ok and sha256 returned the iso’s ok. I downloaded Fedora Media Writer and wrote the iso successfully to a usb stick with it. I booted from the live usb stick and selected ‘Test media & start Fedora 38 Workstation’ in the grub menu. I got these errors:

Fragment count: 20
Supported ISO: no
Checking: 004.8%
The media check is complete, the result is: FAIL.
It is not recommended to use this media.
[FAILED] Failed to start checkisomd5@dev-sda.service - Media check on /dev/sda.
[ 12.293229] dracut-initqueue[783]: Job for checkisomd5@dev-sda.service failed because the control process exited with error code.
[ 12.293451] dracut-initqueue[783]: See “systemctl status checkisomd5@dev-sda.service” and “journalctl -xeu checkisomd5@dev-sda.service” for details.
[ 12.300556] dracut: FATAL: CD check failed!
[ 12.300604] dracut: Refusing to continue

Why do I get the errors and what do I need to do in order to boot securely from the live usb stick?

Have a look if /dev/sda is your pen-drive, if yes you might test with an other on.

How do I do this at the moment, when dracut displays:
Refusing to continue

What do you mean when you write


Probably “with another one”, that is, a different USB memory device.

When writing to the USB device, make sure all data has been written to it before pulling it out. Due to caching, the actual writing could continue after the program has terminated.


The media writer gives an explicit message if the image is written to the pen-drive.
I really guess the OP’s pen-drive is not good.

Check out this:

I would retry using the Fedora Media writer as the simplest first.

I wrote the iso to another usb stick. This has been successful. The output, which was only visible for a short time until Fedora’s GUI and desktop environment was displayed, was something like:

Media check: Pass
It ist ok to use this media.

I’m quite sure I unmounted the device so caching or incomplete writing shouldn’t have been the reason that the media check failed. Most probably there was a problem with the first usb stick I used.


What does ‘OP’ mean?

Original Poster. It this case it is you.

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As I block-quoted @vekruse I refered to you as OP yes, Original Poster.
Sorry i forgot that you might not know this abbreviations because of being new here.

Anyway welcome @coffee

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Thank you very much.

This made me try another usb stick.

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I am also have the same problem.
The checking stop at 4.8% and it is failed !

The USB pendrive is ok, but I read that, after the creation on the USB pendrive is updated by Windows by the “System Volume Information”.

To avoid this update of the USB pendrive by Windows, REMOVE your USB pendrive at the END OF the “Fedora Media Writer” which create, and verify the pendrive.

Do not eject the pendrive with the appropriate Windows function that you say “Now you can plug off your USB key”.
Surely it can be dangerous, but it’s the only way that I have found to avoid the Windows updating !

We can ask to Fédora Developers Community to take into account this Windows specificity.

Note that the Fedora 38 installation is very short : 10mn !