Unable to pass media test

I downloaded the ISO for Fedora 37 workstation & server and then created my USB flash drive and the installation worked.

But I always fail the media test when installing. Does anyone else have the same situation?

You can use Fedora Media Writer to create bootable USB drive, it verifies the integrity of written image. Failed media check after successful FMW writing would suggest some issue with the flash drive.

There are two steps I always do with an install.

  1. I verify the downloaded ISO with sha256sum and the downloaded CHECKSUM file
  2. I write the image to the USB using dd, then verify the checksum of the USB matches the checksum of the original ISO.

Both these are critical in ensuring that you have a good downloaded image and that the image was properly written to the USB.

Writing to the USB means you must ensure no partitions on the usb are mounted before using dd. On my system the USB usually appears as /dev/sdf (which I verify with ‘ls /dev’), so I use mount to see which partitions may have been mounted thensudo umount /dev/sdf[123] to make sure none of the (3) partitions on that device are mounted. I then use dd to write the ISO to the USB sudo dd if=<iso image> of=/dev/sdf bs=32M. After that completes I compare the sha256sum of the usb sha256sum /dev/sdf and the original ISO image file.

If these steps complete properly there seems no reason to run the media test during the boot up of the live image. If you do run the media test after passing the checksum test and it fails then it seems certain something is wrong with the flash drive.

I would expect that /dev/sdf would have more bytes than the number of bytes of the iso file. Then it is unlikely that the sha256sum would match. sha256sum /dev/sdf1 might work, however.

Thank you all.
It was very helpful.