Testing the media fails at 4%

I’m installing Fedora to dual-boot with Windows. Successfully booted from flash drive to GRUB and clicked “Test this media and start Fedora-Workstation-Live 39”.

Screen image:

I tried it with 2 different flash drives and with 2 ways of bootable creation (with Fedora Media Writer and BalenaEtcher) with different separately downloaded files. The result is the same.

If I try to boot without “Test this media” Fedora seems to launch without an issue. Should I risk it and try to install Fedora from a drive that fails testing? May these bootables be compromised by a
virus on my Windows machine that infects all downloaded ISO files?

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Yes, it should be fine to skip it.


Cause and some additional information are described at Reddit - Dive into anything

TL;DR: This is caused by Windows modifying some unimportant data on the USB stick. Happens only with Fedora Media Writer. Other software, e.g. Rufus, prevents this issue.

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