Failed to start Media check

I recently created a Fedora 35 Live USB using the Fedora Media Writer on Windows, and once it was complete I booted up my Thinkpad T14s G2, hit enter, then F12, and selected my SanDisk USB. I selected the default option when booting into Fedora which was to perform a media check and then boot Fedora. However after trying to boot into Fedora, I was met with the message “It is not recommended to use this media.” “Failed to start Media check on… [the disk]”.

I’m new to Linux so I’m not sure if there’s a step I missed, but any help would be appreciated. And in case it matters, I am able to boot into Tails, just not Fedora.

Most likely your downloaded iso (directly from Fedora Media Writer) file are corrupted or something wrong during creating live usb.

Maybe you could download Fedora Media Writer and install it on your WIndows machine. If I can recall correctly, after we make live usb with Fedora Media Writer, it will performing check the media creation.

Fedora Media Writer.


Ah, sorry I means please consider to download manually the iso then use Fedora Media Writer.

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Manually selecting the ISO seems to have worked. Fedora now boots as normal. I’m thinking this might’ve been an issue with Fedora Media Writer itself.