Hey Matrix SIG folks! A lot of writing needed!

See the official launch checklist. I am the blocker for some of these, particularly the legal check. But it’d be really helpful if other people could start writing some of the other things we need. I think particularly:

Getting Help

This should land at: Untitled :: Fedora Docs

This ticket Issue #101: Convert the Communicating and Getting Help Wiki page - council-docs - Pagure.io covers some background. Basically, the whole existing wiki page should be re-written to focus (in order, I think) on:

  1. Ask Fedora
  2. Fedora Chat
  3. Fedora Discussion

followed by “other important communication channels” (again I suggest in this order):

  1. Mailing Lists
  2. Pagure tickets
  3. Bugzilla
  4. IRC
  5. Other community channels (twitter, telegram, discord, fedora forum, reddit, etc.)

Possibly all on one page, possibly broken up into two

The official announcement

  1. I think this is a Fedora Magazine Article
  2. With a short (two-paragraph?) text announcement giving the bare minimum and then a link to the Magazine article.

Tickets for other references to in group pages

The work here is basically tracking down everywhere we reference IRC (and especially if it’s freenode) and doing one of

  1. Just update to point to Fedora Chat when it’s an area in which you feel comfortable doing that
  2. Ask the relevant team what they want to do
  3. File pull-requests against docs with the new urls.
  4. Just delete the reference if the docs are obsolete and are pointing to what is currently not an active group.

Note: How to link to a Fedora Chat matrix room is useful information here.


Lots of people signed up for this SIG. :slight_smile: Raise your hand and coordinate the above things in this thread, please!

For the wiki, we have a template (fpchat) for linking to IRC. It would be good to have one for the matrix server, too. I can create it and document how to use it, but, uh - what should we call it, since the existing template rather unfortunately stole the ‘chat’ name? :smiley: We could just drop the fp and call it ‘chat’ but that might be a bit confusing, or we could call it ‘matrix’ or ‘fpmatrix’, or something like ‘fpchat-new’. Anyone have a preference or should I just pick a choice?

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What does fp stand for?

Fedora Project, I think. I think there was a convention of naming the templates that way for a while.

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I have no strong opinions here, and at the same time a lot of confidence in your ability to select something good. :slight_smile:

I definitely think we need to be using more macros in our new docs… That was one of the reasons to prefer Angora over several other ideas, but we’re not really making use of it.

I can try and work on the help page revamp next week (if I can find time).

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