Fedora Matrix SIG members ... list yourself here

This post is a wiki – you can edit it. List your name and matrix handle here, along with a little note about your interests.

  • Matthew Miller, @mattdm:fedora.im
    • Fedora Project Leader, very interested in making project conversation more accessible and more visible.
  • Nick Bebout, @nb:fedora.im
    • Matrix Admin, Fedora Infrastructure, Fedora IRC Support SIG, etc.
  • Troy Curtis, @troycurtisjr:fedora.im
    • Excited for Fedora Matrix so that a portable chat with history is easy for everyone. Also because using matrix.org as my Matrix homeserver seems to miss the “decentralized” part of decentralized communications! :wink:
  • Máirín Duffy, @duffy:fedora.im
    • Fedora design team lead, interested in a nice icon scheme for the channels and super mega long-time matrix fan!
  • Kevin Fenzi, @nirik:matrix.scrye.com (I’m running my own homeserver, so using that address, but I have also fedora.im and fedoraproject.org accounts)
    • Fedora Infrastructure team lead. Interested in helping matrix and irc get along and users and contributors having a pleasant chat time.
  • Greg Sutcliffe, @gwmngilfen:ansible.im
    • Ansible Community Data Scientist, and chief proponent of Matrix in the Ansible Community. Super excited to see Fedora making the same leap, and keen to see what we can learn from each other about what works & what doesn’t
  • Neal Gompa, @conan_kudo:matrix.org (I also have @ngompa:fedora.im and @ngompa:kde.org, and @pharaoh_atem:opensuse.org, but I’m still primarily using matrix.org atm)
    • A guy doing a lot of stuff in a lot of communities :wink:
  • Vitaly Zaitsev, @xvitaly:matrix.org (and @xvitaly:fedora.im)
    • Maintainer of the most popular native Matrix clients on Fedora (NeoChat, nheko, purple-matrix, spectral).
  • Jan Kuparinen, @copperi:fedora.im
    • Various interests, DevOps, translations, etc.
  • Matthew Jenkins, @tivak:mozilla.org
    • Matrix and Linux enthusiast
  • Torrey Sorensen, @tor.sh:matrix.org , @torbuntu:fedora.im
    • Member of the revived Mobility SIG helping to package and develop for the Fedora Mobile future.
  • Timothée Ravier, @siosm:matrix.org (also @travier:kde.org & @siosm:fedora.im)
    • Fedora CoreOS, KDE SIG, Fedora Kinoite
  • Vadim Rutkovsky @vadim:vrutkovs.eu (also @vrutkovs:fedora.im, @vrutkovs:russianfedora.online)
    • Emotional support human for OKD / FCOS, maintaining chat.russianfedora.online

I’m in!