[Matrix] Reorganizing the Fedora Matrix server "directory" into more concise subcategories

Good morning!

I was looking at the Fedora Matrix server this morning, and I was trying to find the channel for the Sway SIG. I looked into the ‘SIGs’ category and found that it wasn’t there, assumed that it just didn’t exist. To find that it was sitting in the “Projects” category.

I spoke to Kevin about this, and he suggested I make this post to foster discussion about this. What I think would be nice (Depending on what can be actually implemented in Matrix) is to reorganize the SIG projects properly as a good chunk of those channels sitting in the “Projects” categories are all SIGs.

  • Science SIGs (i.e. Robotics, Quantum Computing, etc)
  • Desktop Environment SIGs (i.e. KDE, Sway, LXQt, Cinnamon, …)
  • Computer Language SIGs (i.e. Python, Golang, Ruby, …
  • Hobby SIGs (i.e. Amateur Radio, 3D Printing, …)
  • Internal Fedora SIGs (i.e. Store, Join, Live DVD, …)

This way it would be way more useful for end users, new or old, to find what they want to do. And Matrix’s search feature isn’t always all that useful as far as searching goes.


I think reorganizing is definitely a good idea.

If we rename Projects (or just add a new Interest Groups at the same
level) we could drop “SIGs” from all the names…

ie, ‘Interest Groups’ → Science → Robotics

On a high level than the SIGS I wonder if we shouldn’t reorg it to match
our fedora org chart? ie, have ‘Council’ on the top level with
‘Engineering’ and ‘Mindshare’, but that may not work and would be a lot
more shuffling, just an idle thought.


I’m all for it! The existing hierarchy was meant to be a first cut and it should be adjusted to meet real use.

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So, shall we just reorg the sig/project space for now?

Or should we plan some larger reorg?

I definitely don’t want to be in charge of this decision (or Matrix in general)… but my opinion is to make incremental changes that make sense rather than waiting for a perfect new plan.

It would be prudent if we get feedback from a couple of SIGs at least. As far as discoverability of Fedora chat rooms is concerned, goals of this reorg are clear. :pray:

Personally, I’m in favor of this change.

Yeah, I was hoping we would get some more folks chiming in here. :slight_smile:

I guess we can wait a bit more for feedback, then go reorg the
projects/sig’s area and see what people think of it. We can always move
things around again (although, hopefully we don’t have to).

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I guess my only concern is whether it will break the links on fp.o/start? It’s a pretty trivial task to change them. But I guess a list of which ones might need to be updated would be helpful. FWIW, I’m for the change. :slightly_smiling_face:

No, it shouldn’t. I see there just a link to chat.fedoraproject.org.
Anyone joining there would be added to the fedoraproject space and just
get the new setup. I think also existing users who have joined the space
should just see the new org as soon as we make the changes.

I suppose we could start with one and make sure thats the case.

There are more links in the org chart further down the page.

Ah yeah, but those are all to rooms published address right?
Those should not be changing at all and keep working.

Even if you change a rooms ‘room name’ the published address stays the
same. ie, ‘Fedora Release Engineering’ vs #releng:fedoraproject.org.